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biografi grimmjow


Grimmjow Jeagerjaques (グリムジョー・ジャガージャック, Gurimujō Jagājakku?, romanized as Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez in the Japanese media) is the Sexta Espada, signified by the "6" tattooed to his back. Before becoming an Espada he was known as Arrancar 12. The aspect of death he represents is destruction. His name stems from that of an architect named Nicholas Grimshaw.[11] Grimmjow is very disrespectful and defiant towards authority figures. He is often openly insulting to such people save for Sōsuke Aizen, and even this respect is quickly abandoned when Aizen is out of earshot. Grimmjow has an overly violent lust for battle, always seeking out the strongest opponent in a given area and he is very confident in his abilities, believing himself to be equal to, or even stronger than Ulquiorra.[42] However, Grimmjow does follow a code of honor and takes offense to anyone who looks down on him and is very disrespectful . The remains of his Hollow mask consist of the right jawbone, and his Hollow hole is located on his abdomen.

Before becoming an Arrancar, Grimmjow was a panther-like Adjuchas who wandered Hueco Mundo and hunting Hollows to devour prior to becoming leader of a group of other Hollows who desire to become Vasto Lordes. As time passed, Grimmjow became the only one who grew stronger, eating pieces of his comrades' flesh at their request when they came to accept their fate as Adjuchas, offering themselves for Grimmjow to continue on in their place and they can maintain their current forms. These Hollows later became his Fracciónes, who were all killed off when Grimmjow brought them to the land of the living in an attempt to exterminate Karakura Town's spiritually enabled people and stationed Soul Reaper alike: Arrancar 11 Shawlong Qufang (シャウロン・クーファン, Shauron Kūfan?), Arrancar 13 Edorad Leones (エドラド・リオネス, Edorado Rionesu?), Arrancar 14 Nakim Greendina (ナキーム・グリンディーナ, Nakīmu Gurindīna?), Arrancar 15 Ilfort Grantz (イールフォルト・グランツ, Īruforuto Gurantsu?), and Arrancar 16 D-Roy Linker (ディ・ロイ・リンカー, Di Roi Rinkā?).

When his zanpakutō, Pantera (豹王(パンテラ)?, Spanish for "panther," Japanese for "panther king"), is released he regains some of his former feline characteristics such as jagged teeth, feline ears, clawed hands and feet, and a tail that can be used as a powerful whip.[43] This state augments his speed drastically with animalistic agility and movement to match. His roar can create shockwaves in the air, he can also fire a number of largely destructive "darts" from his elbows and create energy claws called Desgarrón (豹王の爪(デスガロン), Desugaron?, Spanish for "laceration," Japanese for "panther king's claw") from his fingertips.

Though he developed an interest in Ichigo as a worthy opponent, Grimmjow's actions were against Aizen's order and it resulted with him losing his arm to Tōsen and his rank soon after. However, after Orihime restores his arm and tattoo, Grimmjow resumes his position as an Espada. After saving Orihime from Loly and Menoly to return the favor, Grimmjow takes her to Ichigo so she can heal his wounds before their final rematch.[44] Although he loses this fight, Grimmjow is last seen being protected by Ichigo from Nnoitora. He is voiced by Junichi Suwabe in Japanese and David Vincent in English.

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point blank cheat

Langkah 1
kalian harus download Hidetools dan MLE (Moonlight Engine) untuk bypass Point Blank, kalau uda download hide tools ikutin langkah-langkah penggunaan hide tools bagi yang belum bisa:
double klik Hidetools.exe dimana kamu extrak, misal di folder C:\Hide Tools\ maka akan keluar kotak, setelah itu buka MLE nya lalu balik ke hide tools dan klik kanan pada program MLEnya, klik hide deh.
Langkah 2
login Point Blank kamu. dan jadilah server, maksud dari “jadilah server” adalah kalian harus membuat room sendiri yang diketuai oleh kalian sendiri, jangan ikut room laen. setelah itu play sampe di mapnya. kalau boleh kasih saran sih mendhing maen dlu sama AI mode alias latihan, lebih mudah untuk scan address. nah pas di map kalian harus inject Point Blanknya dengan MLE.
klik gambar komputer di pojok engine, lalu klik ok pada PointBlank.exe
Langkah 3
setelah melakukan inject Point Blank lihat HP kamu jika 100 scan 100 dan jika 90 scan 90 tapi sebelum scan, ganti type 4 byte ke dalam Float.
sewaktu scan cobalah untuk tidak terkena tembakan 1 kali pun, agar proses scan berhasil. nah disini kita kesulitan untuk scan, maka itu dibutuhkan room A.I Mode. soalnya lawan NPC Easy ga bakal kita ketembak dengan mudah.
Langkah 4
setelah mendapatkan address dari hasil scan tadi cobalah mengurangi darah kalian, misal ditembak/terkena bom tapi ingat jangan sampai mati ya. setelah itu scan sisa darah kalian, yang gw screen shot sih darahnya tinggal 63, maka gw scan 63 klik next scan.
Langkah 5
Langkah terakhir, setelah scan ke2 kalinya kalian akan mendapatkan minimal 3 address. double klik ke 3 address tersebut dan klik tombol CT di sebelah tombol main. setelah itu freeze/check/centang address tersebut, lihatlah di bawah tulisan forzen kotaknya kecentang kan?. terus klik kanan address tersebut change record-> value. ganti aja 2000 klo kelebihan error ntar.
cara di atas sangat tidak dianjurkan. karena ketauan GM lebih besar. mendhing ke 3 address tadi di set hotkey caranya, klik kanan address terus pilih set a hotkey kotak putih pertama isi dengan F5 kotak putih ke dua biarin aja “set value_to” kotak ke tiga isi dengan 2000, nah tiap lo respawn coba lo pencet F5 pasti darah lo 2000.
Langkah 6
setelah dapet address. kalian langsung bikin room sendiri invinite semua orang lalu terserah deh mo show off atau apa gw uda ga maen soalnya. tapi inget harus kalian yang
jadi room master. setelah selesai maen di map ga usa scan” ulang lagi, address na sama koq. jadi ga repot kan. tapi cuman 1 masalahnya yaitu kalau kita DC/out dari Point Blank address na beda, jadi harus scan ulang deh.